Atlantic Area Cluster "Green and Smart Materials"

The DURATINET project includes the creation of a group to promote and strengthen new synergies having in account the requirements for the repair and rehabilitation of existing transport infrastructure and the new exigences on energy efficiency, carbon reduction and environmental protection. These issues will have a significant impact on the development of new materials for the protection and repair of infrastructure and on the increased use of recycled and waste materials, including for example "green concrete", materials with specific properties designed at nanoscale, "smart materials" and new repair and protection product with increased service life.

To promote awareness and discussion of these issues a forum will be created as part of the DURATINET dissemination process. This forum will provide the basis for the future Atlantic Cluster "Green and Smart Materials". Participation in this group is open to all researchers or other individual or organisations that are working or interested in these new fields and new solutions for sustainable construction. If you are interested in becoming a member of this group please fill in the on-line form .

Investing in our common future